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Main development and production
Gold finger, carbide (tungsten steel) blade and diamond grinding wheel
                 Diamond high precision cutting wheel (knife)

Years of industry experience, reputation is trustworthy

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Technology Exchange
Have a complete technical development and production inspection team-
Will conduct technical exchanges with foreign advanced companies from time to time.-
High demands on ourselves, insisting on continuous technological innovation of products-
Brand quality is trustworthy
-Complete specifications, long service life and resistance to strain
-The company has the power of R&D and design to improve product quality as a consistent pursuit.
Fully meet customer needs
Independent and perfect technology research and development center, can customize all kinds of gold fingers for customers-
Faced with a wide range of customers, large and medium-sized package test manufacturers, chip design companies, chip foundry -
factory, electronics factory, mechanical equipment factory
A good after-sales service
-The network system provides standardized, professional and all-round quality services to enterprises.
-The company has always insisted on: "Quality first, reasonable price, fast delivery, service-oriented, and customer-oriented" development philosophy and purpose to provide the most satisfactory service to the company.

    Shenzhen RuiYingte Technology Co., Ltd (Founded in March 2009) Heshun Precision Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of post-semiconductor seals, test and sorting patch test process consumables tools; package test and sorting equipment accessories Professional......

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