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Unbalanced tool industry structure

China's annual tool sales amount is 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of cemented carbide tools is less than 25%. We not only need the ability to make tools, but also the ability to apply the tools to the actual production process, so that we can really have Only with solid theoretical and practical roots can we have our own intellectual property rights.

In recent years, although the hardware tools industry in China has not been carried out, it is far behind the development of the machine tool industry. According to the data, China's annual tool sales amount is 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of cemented carbide tools is less than 25%, not only far from the structure of international shopping malls, but also not satisfied with the growing domestic cemented carbide tools. Demand.
Now, the imbalance of the tool structure is that the tool produced is not in line with the demand. For example, the user's demand for cemented carbide tools is very large, but high-speed steel tools are overproduced; the high-efficiency tool gaps that are urgently needed in modern manufacturing operations are large, but the low-grade specification tools are overproduced. The Secretary General of the International Association of Mould & Hardware Plastics Industry Suppliers believes that from the trend of the skills of mechanical manufacturing operations, the proportion of high-efficiency CNC machine tools in China's factories will be added year by year, and the demand for efficient and advanced tools will be agile. Add, while the demand for traditional gauge tools will decrease year by year.

"China is a major producer and exporter of hardware tools. Among them, most of the power tools sold in the world are produced and exported from China. China has become a major international supplier of power tools. Despite the scale of China's hardware tools industry Larger, but due to the weak skills, the mall structure is too single, the brand influence is weak, and many other hardware tools production companies often lack central competitiveness, it is difficult to become bigger and stronger." Because domestic tool companies are independent Insufficient strength, focusing only on the short-term, flat, fast low-end product interests, follow the old rules, do not dare to change the transformation of enterprise shopping malls, reluctant to increase the introduction and update of advanced equipment, skills and processes, and face the change of shopping malls. Lack of patience in the study of fundamentals, always have a wait-and-see attitude, just wait for other companies to develop new products, enjoy the simple analysis of their land, slightly adjust for the finished product, blindly follow the trend to the mall, completely ignore the store saturation and corporate need. Often this kind of follow-up development that is eager for success can only rely on other foreign excellent enterprises, and loses the dominance of carrying out innovation. The overall system level of products is always at 80%-90%; due to the lack of deep skills for products. Exploring leads to re-establishment and can only be thin, and can only stop at the "product-like" product development.