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Tool application and related knowledge

Following the development of small-diameter tools in the industry, high-speed machining is required: high speed, high feed, low cutting. With the addition of cutting line speed, temperature and tool wear are added violently. When the cutting line speed reaches a certain critical value, cutting temperature and cutting The force is reduced and then added sharply with the addition of the cutting speed. Different materials have different processing thresholds and have a specific range of high speed machining. Tool data and quality are one of the first constraints of high-speed machining. Therefore, high-speed machining is not only related to spindle speed and tool diameter, but also related to the comprehensive information of cutting data, tool life and machining process. High-speed machining is shallow cutting. Feed processing mode, so the traditional large depth of cut side edge machining is not suitable for high speed machining. Generally, ap is about 5% of the tool diameter when roughing steel, and ae can take 35%-45% of the tool diameter. The tip is weak and generally not suitable for rough machining of high-speed machining. It is suitable for fine machining. The tool data is the basic factor for determining the cutting performance of the tool. It has great influence on machining power, machining quality, machining cost and tool durability. The harder the tool data, the better the wear resistance. The higher the hardness, the lower the impact resistance and the brittleness of the data. Hardness and resistance are a pair of opposites and a key to the tooling data. In summary of the above points, the tool data, geometric angle, coating, edge reinforcement and machining conditions play different roles in the life of the tool, which are indispensable and complement each other!