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Advantages and disadvantages of different sorting machines

Super hard Liuhe, science time, this article will be discussed with us, talk about diamond tools and suitable processing materials. Now there are many kinds of equipments in the market of splitter machines, and the styles are different. According to their different tools, they can be divided into 1. The splitting machine, the punching machine, the 3, the milling machine. Machine, 4, laser splitter, 5, sickle type splitter.
Let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the above four sorting machines:
1. Knife type separator
Strengths: low cost
Defect: Only straight line can be used. There are raw edges.
2, laser board machine
Strengths: Together with the strength of the milling cutter, the PCB can be micro-cut without stress.
Defect: The machine is expensive.
3, milling cutter type board machine
Strengths: It can be divided into any shape, the stress is very small, and the cut edges are free of burrs.
Defect: The initial cost is large.
4, stamping type board machine
Strengths: The initial investment cost is low and the speed is fast.
Defects: Because there is a need for a special model, the cost is high and there is stress.
5, sickle type board machine
Strengths: pure pneumatic (normal pressure in the factory), compact (desktop), large output, can cut aluminum substrate of any width, cost-effective.
Defect: can only be cut for V-CUT board